Hardware KeyloggerKeyGhost SX - 512KB
Monitor keystrokes for safety and confidence. $149 USD

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12-Month Manufacturers Warranty
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Software computer monitoring products are extremely difficult to use.
KeyGhost provides very easy installation and operation.


“Analyst firms suggest that as many as 70% to 90% of security breaches come from the inside”


KeyGhost SX Comparison Chart - (includes previous KeyGhost models)

Product Memory Capacity KeyStream (High-Speed Ghosting)
Patent Pending
Compatible with Turbo Download Adapter Encryption on the stored log Recording Function and Combination keys.
Keystroke Compression
Options Toggle Nato Codification Price
KeyGhost SX 512KB 500,000+ Yes Yes Basic Yes Yes N/A $149
KeyGhost SX 1MB 1,000,000+ Yes Yes 128-Bit Yes Yes N/A $199
KeyGhost SX 2MB 2,000,000+ Yes Yes 128-Bit Yes Yes N/A $249
KeyGhost HE 128KB 128,000+ No No None Yes Arrow only N/A $89
KeyGhost Std 512KB 500,000+ No Yes Basic Yes Arrow only N/A $99
KeyGhost Pro 1MB 1,000,000+ No Yes 128-Bit Yes Arrow only N/A $149
KeyGhost Pro SE 2MB 2,000,000+ No Yes 128-Bit Yes Arrow only Yes $199


As a tool for computer fraud investigations.

As a monitoring device for detecting unauthorised access.

As a deterrent, to prevent unacceptable use of company resources.

As a back up tool which creates a log of all keystrokes typed on a keyboard.

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Kit Includes: KeyGhost SX. Instruction sheet. Warranty card. Tamper evident seal.
Example notification banner as recommended by U.S. Department of Justice.

System Requirements:
Desktop IBM PC compatible. PS/2 (small round plug) keyboard.
KeyGhost SX works on ALL PC operating systems (Windows 95,98,ME,NT,XP,2000 Linux, Beos, OS/2, Dos, Sun Solaris).

* Patent Pending high-speed transfer mode - 'KeyStream'™ - will work with most modern Desktop PCs.

> PLEASE NOTE: For USB keyboards (small rectangular plug) please choose KeyGhost USB Keylogger.

We respect your privacy and security. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.
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Postal Address: KeyGhost LTD, P.O.Box 3279, Christchurch 8001, New Zealand.
Physical Address: 109 Montreal Street, Christchurch, New Zealand.

NATO Classification Information
KeyGhost LTD (NATO supplier) NCAGE Code E1969

'KeyGhost' is a Registered Trademark of KeyGhost Ltd. 'KeyStream' and 'KeyGhost SX' are Trademarks of KeyGhost Ltd - Patents Pending.
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